Cartographic Abstraction in Contemporary Art: Seeing with maps (2017) Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies

     Based on my doctoral thesis, this book draws on theories of real and social abstraction to theorize ‘cartographic abstraction’ as a distinctive modality of thought and experience constituted through the cartographic image. Revolving around close readings of selected contemporary artworks concerned with cartographic representational techniques, this research posits a series of ‘viewpoints’ as forms of cartographic abstraction. These viewpoints are shown to posit and construct the viewing subject in a range of embodied and de-embodied viewing positions, revealing cartography’s abstracting capacities as a form of social abstraction.


Introduction - From critical cartography to cartographic abstraction: rethinking the production of cartographic viewing through contemporary artworks (now available to read online)

Chapter One – Reconfiguring the view from nowhere: collage and complicity in Targets by Joyce Kozloff

Chapter Two – The drone’s eye view: networked vision and visibility in works by James Bridle and Trevor Paglen

Chapter Three – Remote viewing, cartographic abstraction and the antipodes: three works by Layla Curtis

Chapter Four – Signification in the soundscape: Bill Fontana’s River Sounding

Chapter Five – Cartographic abstraction: a material modality of thought and experience 


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